When We Let Kids Do Things {with FREE printable!!}

When we let our kids do things ~ Our Cozy Den

Do your kids ever say, “That’s not fair! ______ gets to ______!” Then you respond with the typical parent response, “You’ll get to when you’re his age!”

But is that really true? Honestly?

I don’t know about you, but I have about ten million thoughts in my head at any given time. The last thing I can remember is how old little Johnny was when he lost his first tooth, or got to stay up until 8 p.m., or get his first cell phone.

So what did I do to keep track of it all? I bet you can guess. I made a chart.

When we let our kids do things ~ Our Cozy Den

Now, I recognize that life isn’t fair. One kid doesn’t necessarily get to do things at the exact age as another kid. It depends on the environment, your location, the maturity of the child, and many other factors! But it does certainly help me, as a mom, from having to keep all of that information inside my head! And for some things, it helps my kids to know that there is an official age when some milestones occur. Then they don’t whine about it!

Here’s a blank copy of the chart, if you want to edit and use for your own family! It’s a Microsoft Word doc, so you should be able to save it and make changes on your own.

May you be filled with peace {and not too much bickering}!


Mom’s Kitchen Helpers ~ with FREE printable helper chart!

Mom's Kitchen Helper ~ FREE printable chart! ~ From Our Cozy Den

love having my kids help me cook in the kitchen. I think it’s an important skill for them to learn, and it’s great bonding time too. But when you have multiple children — in my case, four — that’s just WAY too many cooks in the kitchen. So, I have them take turns. But then we start getting squabbles about whose turn it is: “Lia went last time!” “I haven’t had a turn in forever!”… and so on. So, I made a fun chart to keep track of whose turn it is to help me cook.

It’s really easy to use, and I made some FREE printables so you guys can download a copy for your own family to use!

Here’s how to get it set up:

  1. Print the chart (see below) with the appropriate number of bubbles for the number of kids in your family. If you have more than 5, just print two “3” charts or a “2” and a “4” or however you want to do it.
  2. Write your kids’ names in the bubbles.
  3. Laminate the chart if you want to. This makes it more durable, but is not necessary. (You could also put it into a page protector.)
  4. Tape/stick the chart to the refrigerator.
  5. Choose a magnet to move around the chart.

When it comes time to actually use the chart, I move the magnet when I begin cooking. So the magnet rests on the name of the child who had the previous turn. When the kids ask, “Is it my turn?”, I move the magnet to the next child in line, and announce who it is.

Download the charts here:

Two Kids

Three Kids

Four Kids

Five Kids

Easy! Hopefully this helps eliminate some complaining in your house, as it does mine! And it also frees up some of your mommy brain space (I need all the space I can get!) to remember other things instead of who gets to cook with you next!