Tip Tuesday: Spy Journal!

Tip Tuesday ~ Our Cozy Den

Start a Super Secret Family Spy Journal! ~ Tip Tuesday @ Our Cozy Den

I made this for my family¬†on Shutterfly and my whole family is just LOVING it! When somebody finds it, they write a message (or draw a doodle if they can’t write yet), then hide it for someone else to find! *I* love that it is encouraging them to write and be creative without any nagging from mom! Click on THIS LINK to go to Shutterfly, edit with your family’s last name, and save it to your account. Then you can order it, or wait for a sale/deal — I got mine for free, and I’m sure you can too if you wait for the right coupon code!


Tip Tuesday: Using Stickies to Organize Lists

Tip Tuesday ~ Our Cozy Den

How to use Stickies to organize your lists -- #TipTuesday from Our Cozy Den!

My iMac came with a handy little application called Stickies — and I didn’t even know it was there for the first several years I owned it! Now I use it several times a day, and it’s one of my favorite organizational tools! I can keep all my lists on my desktop, color-coordinated by subject! It’s so easy to collapse them open when I want to add to it or view the info, and back closed when I am done!


Tip Tuesday: Keeping Track of Kids’ Allowances

Tip Tuesday ~ Our Cozy Den

Tip Tuesday at Our Cozy Den -- Keeping Track of Kids' Allowances!

It’s SO much easier to manage than trying to hand out cash to all the kids, and trusting younger ones not to lose it! And since I have it with me at the store, there is no more whining: I can simply say, “Sophie, you have $4.13. That’s how much you have today to spend.” The kids know that is the bottom line!¬†