Free Autumn Desktop Organizer Download!

Free Autumn Desktop Organizer Download from Our Cozy Den

Labor Day has passed, so it feels like Autumn has officially begun {even though it is still pretty hot here in Ohio}.

I don’t know about you, but I love having a computer desktop that is all neat and tidy! A few times a year,  I make myself a new desktop organizer that is pretty and perfect for the current season. Today, I’m going to share my organizer with you!

Here’s how to use it!

  1. Download the desktop organizer here. (This link will take you to a full-size image, click and save to your computer.)
  2. Go into your computer settings and make the image your new desktop background.
  3. Start shuffling around your folders and icons, putting them in the organized sections.

I love it because it makes everything look so neat and orderly, and it is also SO much easier to find things!

The 5 sections on my free organizer are “Projects”, “Admin”, “School”, “Her Files”, and “His Files”. I can also make you a customized desktop organizer, with any 5 sections you want, for only $2! Send me an email at to order yours.


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