Modesty in a Skinful World

Earlier today on my Instagram page, I posted a photo of Sophie’s new swimsuit. I got tons of questions about it, so here is a link to where I bought it, and a reblog of an old post about why we wear modest swimsuits! Happy #ThrowbackThursday everyone!

Our Cozy Den

Modesty in a Skinful World ~ Our Cozy Den

Over the years, my opinions on modesty and clothing appropriateness have evolved.

I’ve said it before, but I wasn’t raised in a Christian household. In fact, my morals as a teenager were pretty much nonexistent. From a young age (about 12), I dressed very scantily and I was seeking attention. I loved to feel “sexy”, and I liked the way that people looked at me.

It wasn’t until I was about 20 that I realized the correlation between the way I looked and the way people treated me. I was getting attention from boys who wanted too much, because I looked like I was willing to give that much. It was my husband that changed my viewpoint on things. I remember one day, in our early dating period, that I put on a short skirt, twirled around, and flirtily asked “Do you like my skirt?” He replied, “It’s a little…

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