Weekly Menu: August 25th-29th

Weekly Menus from Our Cozy Den ~ Feeding a family of 6 on under $250 a month!

We made it home, safe and sound, from our big vacation! I have plans to tell you ALL about it soon, but for now — let’s take a look at this week’s menu. (Yes, I know, I know, it’s Thursday. I’ve been busy, okay?!)

Again, a few notes before we get started:

  • Breakfast is not included in the menu, because in our house it is fend-for-yourself. But it is included in my budget and shopping. The choices are oatmeal, eggs, or my homemade cereal.
  • I recently did a post about my large once-a-month pantry shop. I try to plan most of my menu to use what we already have on hand in the pantry and freezer. Bulk buying = BIG savings!
  • Snacks are also not on the menu, but my kids do get a snack each afternoon around 4 pm. Their choices are veggies (usually carrots and celery), fruit (I always have on hand a selection of oranges, bananas, apples, pineapple, berries, etc.), hard-boiled eggs, cheddar cheese sticks, yogurt, and granola bars.

Here’s what we are eating this week:






Lunch ~ black bean quesadillas with fruit

Dinner ~ roasted sausage, sweet potatoes, & corn


Lunch ~ vegetable soup, with crackers and yogurt

Dinner ~ pizza (cauliflower pizza for me)


Lunch ~ macaroni and cheese with vegetables

Dinner ~ leftovers


Lunch ~ sandwiches (peanut butter with jelly or honey, or turkey and cheese) with fruit

Dinner ~ white chili


Lunch ~ black bean quesadillas with fruit

Dinner ~ my mom’s birthday! We’re taking her out to dinner!

What I spent this week:

Like I said before – most of my groceries come from my big pantry shops at GFS. Here is my receipt from Walmart this week:

WIC switched over to a new system — it’s an electronic card instead of a paper check. Because of this, all of my WIC groceries and my regular groceries are mixed together on the same receipt, and the WIC stuff gets debited at the end. So my “total” was $39.21, WIC covered $25.14 of it, so I personally spent $14.07. I’m not really a fan of doing it this way. I prefer to have stuff on a separate receipt, so I’ll probably try to make it a separate transaction next week for my own records.

What I got:

WIC free items – 3 gallons of milk, 1 dozen eggs, 2 loaves of bread, 4 cans of black beans, bananas, apples, carrots, more apples, and celery.

My purchases – yogurt, corn tortillas, and tortilla chips


Stay tuned for the rest of our weekly menus! And have a great week!!!



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