Things I don’t have (and I’m glad for it)

I originally posted this in 2009, but even now — 6 years later — it all still applies! Doing things a little differently can save you time, energy, and money!

Our Cozy Den

There are so many “conveniences” in life that just seem to make things more hectic. I try my best to do without things that I don’t really need, or that I could live without. I’ve found that my life is simpler and less complicated because of it. I also have fewer catastrophes due to technology breakdowns.

Here are a few things that I do without:

1) a junk drawer – I think most homes have a drawer where they keep miscellaneous items, but I have found that it’s much easier to find things if they are separated rather than lumped all together in a pile. I keep batteries in a bin in my laundry area, sorted by type. I keep flashlights on a shallow shelf in that same area. Tools go in the garage, rubber bands hung on a hook on the side of the refrigerator. An added bonus: I…

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