Planning for Christmas

Today is July 9th, and I’m already halfway done with my Christmas shopping! See how I plan and shop for Christmas!

The only thing I would add/change, is that we no longer do printed cards. Our list got so big, that my postage alone was more than my entire Christmas gift budget! Now I make a nice video Christmas card that I share with friends & family via social media!

Our Cozy Den

planning for christmas

I don’t like to be caught off guard, and the holidays are one of those things that sneak up on you every year if you’re not careful. One minute, it’s September and you see the decorations popping up in stores. You think “Christmas stuff already? We’ve got tons of time!” You blink, and it’s December 15th and you haven’t started shopping yet.

Well, maybe you don’t procrastinate that much, but most people do wait until later in the year before they start thinking about Christmas. This is a little rundown of how I go about preparing for the holiday.


  • Once the thank-yous are out, and the gifts put away, I take a few minutes and reflect on how things went that holiday. I pull out my budget and look at how I did and where I need to improve. I set an overall budget for the following Christmas.
  • Next…

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