DIY Lego Table

I posted this WAY back when Connor was 5 (four years ago!!) and it is by FAR the most popular post on my blog. It has been pinned over 20,000 times on Pinterest!!! Check it out & share!

Our Cozy Den

lego table

My son’s 5th birthday is in 2 weeks. I was able to get a ton of Legos for him for a steal at Christmastime during‘s Black Friday deals. I really wanted a Lego table to go with them, but finding the average price range to be over $100, I wanted to find another solution.

I decided to make him a Lego table, instead!

First I started with an old Diego table that he had outgrown. (He didn’t really fit under it anymore while sitting down.)

Then, I discovered that an old under the bed bin I had fit perfectly between the rails that hold the legs to the table.

With a little ledge on the side that could slide into tracks…

So I took an old picture frame out of the Goodwill pile, measured the space between the table legs, and cut the long sides to make “tracks”…

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