Photographing a 2-year-old

I’m back!!! After a LONG trip across the big pond, and waiting what felt like an eternity to get my computer back, I am back to the blogging world. This time, back on good ole U.S. soil.

I have just a quick little fun post for today. Many of my facebook followers saw me post a cute photo this morning wishing happy birthday to my youngest, little Finn.


Seems easy enough, right? Snap a quick picture and post it on facebook? No.

First we tried in front of the big tree. But the kid would NOT look at the camera…


Then we tried sitting in the side yard. But the neighbor’s dog started barking at us. Finn started barking back.


Finally I sat him on the side of the trampoline. He got super mad at first. SO done with taking pictures. But finally, finally, I got the money shot!


Happy Birthday Finn! Thank you for making my day (and every day) both exhausting and full of joy!



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