DIY Lego Table

lego table

My son’s 5th birthday is in 2 weeks. I was able to get a ton of Legos for him for a steal at Christmastime during‘s Black Friday deals. I really wanted a Lego table to go with them, but finding the average price range to be over $100, I wanted to find another solution.

I decided to make him a Lego table, instead!

First I started with an old Diego table that he had outgrown. (He didn’t really fit under it anymore while sitting down.)

Then, I discovered that an old under the bed bin I had fit perfectly between the rails that hold the legs to the table.

With a little ledge on the side that could slide into tracks…

So I took an old picture frame out of the Goodwill pile, measured the space between the table legs, and cut the long sides to make “tracks” for the drawer.

Then I predrilled the holes in the frame, and attached it to the table with regular old wood screws that I had lying around.

Next, I painted the whole thing with 4 coats of my Valspar free paint sample (the color is cracked pepper). Then I went over it with 3 coats of polyurethane, which I also found in my garage. (I had never seen it before, I’m pretty sure the previous owners must have left it here.)

I wasn’t too concerned with the top, because that was about to get covered up anyway.

I was able to get four 10″x10″ Lego base plates for free at Toys R Us, because the grandparents swiped my Toys R Us rewards card while they were Christmas shopping, and I had $50 in rewards bucks to spend as I pleased. These base plates were only $6 each. I connected them with Legos, to make sure that they would be lined up properly while they were being glued on.

Next, we picked up some Liquid Nails Construction Adhesive from Lowe’s ($1.70).

And applied that to the back of the connected Lego bases with a caulk gun.

Then, we carefully turned the bases over and applied it to the table.

Lastly, I slid the drawer into the tracks, and dumped in all the Legos.
The final result: a Lego table that cost me $1.70!
I’m so excited to give this to him! I think I’ll probably play with it as much as he will!
UPDATE: Just wanted to say that it has been 3 years since I made this table, and the Liquid Nails is STILL holding strong. Not a single corner is peeking up, and it has been undergoing heavy daily use. I’m talking 2-3 hours of use per day. I even made a second pink Lego table for my daughter. Hope that helps some of you! 


2 thoughts on “DIY Lego Table

  1. Thank you so much for this post. Our son is in his lego obssesion stage and this is such a fantastic alternative to spending a fortune on an in-store lego table. I even painted a car track on the exposed border for added fun.

  2. Reblogged this on Our Cozy Den and commented:

    I posted this WAY back when Connor was 5 (four years ago!!) and it is by FAR the most popular post on my blog. It has been pinned over 20,000 times on Pinterest!!! Check it out & share!

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