Kletterwald, Wiesbaden

Once a month, the moms in the homeschool group get together for Mom’s Night Out. This month, we decided to do Mom’s Day Out instead, because we wanted to do the awesome ropes course here in Wiesbaden called the Kletterwald. Of course, the whole group doesn’t attend every event. We have 130 moms, and only 5 of us wanted to do the ropes. Those joining me in attendance were HeatherChristinaSlon, and Kerri went to take pictures but not to climb. It was so much harder than I thought it would be! Each step I took out onto a rope or swinging piece of wood sent my whole body rocking. I was swaying around up in the trees, grasping for my next step. It was also SO much fun! I especially loved the ziplines at the end of each course. There were several courses to choose from: 3 blue (easy), 3 red (medium) and 2 black (hard). There was also a kids course for those too little to reach the ropes on the bigger courses. We ended up spending about 2.5 hours climbing, and we completed one blue and one red course. Here are some photos from the climb:



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