Path to Seminary: Update

We have been plugging along trying to get everything done as quickly as possible to make this happen.

We were supposed to be up for review on the June board, but they pushed Byron’s packet back to the August board. This wasn’t because of him, but because they had so many overflows from the April board.

So here is what we think will happen:

1. Byron’s application for the Chaplain Candidacy Program is up for review at the board in August.

2. If he is approved (which we believe he is likely to be), he will have 30 days to separate from active duty Army. That will be a very C.R.A.Z.Y 30 days, trying to get us out of Germany in such a short time frame.

3. Byron will be immediately switched to Army Reserve status upon exit from active duty.

4. We will move to Findlay, Ohio in September-ish, if we can get everything done in time. Planning a trans-continental move is no easy task!

5. Byron will begin seminary with the Spring semester that starts in January. Unfortunately, we won’t make it there in time for the Fall semester. This isn’t just a time constraint, but a financial concern, because we will get paid about $1000 a month once school begins. But the way it looks right now, our only income for those months (Sept-Dec) will be $500/month reserve pay.

I’m starting to get both excited and nervous as more things fall into place. I know that God will take care of us, no matter what!


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