Adventures in Potty Training

Potty training is my LEAST favorite part of parenting. It is so frustrating, sitting there in the bathroom for 20 or 30 looooong minutes begging your child to just pee.

Connor and Lia were both trained right at age 2 1/2. But they continued to have accidents for quite a while afterward. (And I’m not talking months here. Connor still had accidents until age 6 and Lia still pees herself at age 5. It makes me want to scream.)

With Sophie, I felt like such a slacker waiting until her 3rd birthday. It was the day after she turned 3 that we put some underwear on her.

  1. Day 1 ~ Monday : Successes – 3, Accidents – 2                                [  She didn’t seem to get it at first. She only went in the potty when we tickled it out of her. Two very large and messy accidents. ]
  2. Day 2 ~ Tuesday : Successes – 3, Accidents – 1                                [  Still only peeing when we tickle her. But she doesn’t like going on the floor, so she’s holding it for a long time.
  3. Day 3 ~ Wednesday : Successes – 3, Accidents – 0                        [  Our first accident-free day!  ]
  4. Day 4 ~ Thursday : Successes – 1, Accidents – 1                              [  Our first outing. She was freaked by the big toilet and didn’t want to pee in public.  ]
  5. Day 5 ~ Friday : Successes – 1, Accidents – 1                                     [  She still seems like she’s holding it most of the time, but she is peeing on her own now. ]
  6. Day 6 and beyond ~ All successes, no accidents                            [  She’s been doing really well since then. No accidents, and she runs to the potty on her own when she needs to go. ]

All in all, it wasn’t that hard to potty train her. It was easier than the other kids now that I reflect back on it. But in the moment it seems SO frustrating when you’re mopping up puddles.

Three down, one to go!


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