Baby steps in faith

I have shared my fears that I have been feeling about taking this big step into seminary with a few friends. Most of these are financial fears, though I think I may be focusing on those because I don’t want to consider the much more difficult and personal issues I have with moving back to my home town. However, that’s another story for another day. My friends have responded to my worries with amazing stories of families down to bare cupboards when a bag of groceries showed up on their doorstep. Or being a little short on the month’s bills when an unexpected windfall appears. I started researching some of the low-income programs available in the area to which we’ll be relocating, and I was pleasantly surprised to see a few I hadn’t even considered. So, for the first time I’m starting to feel hope. Hope that we can do this. Hope that we won’t be desperate. Hope that we’ll be able to afford to continue homeschooling. Hope that I’ll have the money to buy gas for our cars — and maybe even show some hospitality to new friends I hope I’ll make. Byron has so much faith. SO much faith. He went into this so completely sure that it would all work out, and I’m just now beginning to feel a fraction of his assurance. A friend told me today, “The year we were jobless and penniless was one of the happiest in our marriage, because it was a daily reminder of how God provides.” I know He will.


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