A few thoughts

1. School started this week, and all is going well! The kids have been on-task and excited. I think a lot of that stems from the fact that I finally threw out Horizons Math for Connor. It wasn’t working for him, but I had spent a lot of money on it, so it was hard to let go.

2. Losing weight is NOT going well. I logged all of my food yesterday, and did a great job of eating healthily and not snacking — until about 2:30pm. Then I ate 9 cookies. I still have not begun getting up early to exercise. I’m still too full of milk to do any early morning bouncing. But hopefully, in a month or two, I’ll be able to exercise at 6am before the brood arises.

3. My “New Year’s Resolution” of prayer is going well. I love logging on each day and seeing who random.com says is my person to pray for today. Today, it was a dear friend Anna, who I miss very much. I have a monthly phone date with her, which was just a few days ago, so I was able to pray specifically for her troubles. Some people aren’t as easy to pray for, especially if I don’t know them well (or in the case of some of Byron’s family who have friended me on facebook, at all).

4. Our steps toward seminary are progressing, albeit very slowly. The General Conference of the denomination has approved Byron’s application. Now we are waiting on a specific pastor to approve membership even though we don’t physically attend his church. After that happens, the endorser will write a letter of recommendation so that Byron can begin the process of getting out of the military and into the Chaplain Candidacy Program. It is freaking.me.out. I am dealing with the very real possibility that we could be jobless in 8 months.

5. Going along with the jobless thing ^, our savings has been fantastic this month so far. Yes, I know it’s only the 9th. We’re doing a spending freeze, and have bought nothing except groceries. And even that, I think I can keep the grocery bill under $300 this month. We should be on track to have about $40,000 for a house by August.


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