This was another whirlwind weekend trip — definitely the most exhausting trip we’ve taken so far! We flew Ryanair again, with 3 backpacks (1 with the pop-up bed, 1 with clothes/diapers, and a little tiny one with our ipods and a notebook & colored pencils). The Ciampino airport in Rome is actually a LOT closer than the other airports into which Ryanair flies, so that was a nice change. We found this quaint little apartment only 4 km from the airport, and only a block from the train station. The little commuter train that took us into Rome was a quick 20 minute ride. We flew in on Friday evening, spent Saturday in Rome, Sunday in Pompeii, and we flew back home early Monday morning.

Here is what we did on Saturday in Rome:

We love taking the Hop-On-Hop-Off bus tours. They are such a quick and easy way to see a city, especially with kids. It really minimizes the walking that the little feet have to do.
First stop: the majestic Colosseum.
It was a pretty amazing site, especially thinking about what happened there thousands of years ago.
Inside the Colosseum: we bought our tickets online beforehand, so we got to skip the 3+ hour line!
Me & my gang
Stomper getting attacked by a Gladiator.
Next stop: Vatican City
Only 11am and Bunches was already beat.

Italian flag in flowers
In front of the Spanish Steps – I took this photo for my mom, who came here on her Senior class trip in 1977. She told me about it when I was little bitty, so I always wanted to come here because of that.
Bunches giggled like crazy playing with the pigeons.
The mausoleum of Hadrian, overlooking the Tiber River.
Inside the Pantheon, hands down my favorite place we went. I didn’t think it would be that amazing, but the ceiling was breathtaking. My heart started racing when I saw it.

The Trevi Fountain, Squirrel’s favorite place we visited. There is a legend that if you face away from the fountain and throw in a coin over your left shoulder, you will return to the fountain again someday. The hubs did that 10 years ago when he visited in college, and sure enough, he went back! We had the kids throw coins in that way — Stomper and Squirrel did it correctly, but Bunches kind of just leaned over and dropped the coin in. So my guess is that she won’t return 🙂

That was it for our day in Rome. I’ll post photos of all the yummy Italian food later!


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