Neuschwanstein Castle and Reutte, Austria

I don’t think anybody ventures to this area of Germany and doesn’t visit Neuschwanstein. I mean, it’s probably the most famous castle in the world, right? Some people call it the “Disney” castle, because it was believed to be the inspiration for Sleeping Beauty’s castle at Disney World. I used that to pitch the castle to my 4 year old 🙂

I pretty much only wanted to see the outside of this castle, and I had my heart set on seeing it from Mary’s Bridge. Mary’s Bridge, or Marienbrücke in German, is a bridge across a canyon that has majestic views of the castle. My in-laws and husband had all been to the castle before, but none of them had been to the bridge, so the plan was set!

First, we parked at the bottom of the mountain. Then we had to take a bus up to the bridge. You could walk if you wanted, but I was not going to climb another mountain. As soon as we got off the bus, another bus pulled up, and we practically got trampled by Asian tourists. They were literally sprinting down the path, and did not even try to watch out for my children. We had to pull the kids out of the way. But anyway, we got to the bridge and saw this:

It was PACKED.

But then we got out onto the bridge and saw this:

The other side of the castle was completely covered in scaffolding — because, like all great European structures, it was under renovations.

But the view from the bridge was perfect!

The bridge in relation to the castle.

After we saw the castle, and failed in taking a good family photo, we took the bus back down the mountain. We wanted to stop in Reutte, Austria for lunch, since the drive from Garmisch to Neuschwanstein took us through Austria, even though they are both in Germany.

Here, maybe this will help:

So we got to add Austria to our “places we’ve been” list!

Reutte (pronounced Roy-tuh), a small Austrian town
Reutte’s famous castle ruins on a hill
We ate lunch at this fantastic little restaurant that Rick Steves recommended. Rick and I don’t usually get along, but he was spot-on here.
Beautiful Austrian countryside!

Another full and exhausting day! Vacation is hard work!


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