Homeschooling Through Travel – Benelux

Benelux is the term referring to the country group made up of Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. They are all nestled together North of France and West of Germany. We visited these countries recently — all on the same trip since they are so close together. Here are some of the things we covered in school before our travels.

Like usual, we started with Maps to Color and Learn:

It has 2 pages for nearly every country in Europe, with a map, and country-specific activities. I found it at the Dollar Tree in the states, but I would have paid ten times that much!
The Benelux pages from “Maps to Color and Learn”.

We filled out our “Country Facts” pages for each country.

Country Fact Sheet – for ANY country!

Next, we colored and cut out some paper dolls from the Netherlands.

Making paper dolls

I found several coloring pages about the Netherlands:

Coloring page with windmill
Coloring page: tulips
Coloring page: Amsterdam
Coloring page: Dutch girl in traditional dress

It was much harder to find activities pertaining to Belgium and Luxembourg. I did what I could by showing the kids pictures of the things we were going to visit, and looking at our travel route on the map. We also talked about things that Belgium is famous for, like waffles and chocolate, so they were super excited to sample those treats while we were there.


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