Rudesheim Ring Tour

My super fantastic in-laws are visiting, and we’ve been waiting to try out this “ring tour” for when they are here. It’s called a ring tour because your tour goes in a circle, using 4 different modes of transportation: a cable car ride up the mountain, a hike around the top of the mountain, a chair lift back down the mountain, then a boat ride back to our starting point. It was a little scary, especially with all the little ones on the chair lift, but we all survived!

Step 1: Cable car.
Stomper rode with Grandpa Packy.
View from the cable car.
At the top of the mountain, majestic views!
Step 2: a drippy hike through the woods — we all were freezing and got soaked, but the kids were troopers and didn’t complain at all!

Step 3: Chair Lift — yes, I put my children on this dangerous contraption, without so much as a seatbelt. It was terrifying.
Off they go! Stomper and Packy went first.

View from the chair lift.
Isn’t it pretty??
It’s a little hazy, but can you see that castle across the river behind the vineyard?
Step 4: Boat ride back to our starting point in Rüdesheim.
Bunches and Granny, walking to the dock.
Boat ride!

After the boat ride, a stroll through the cute little town of Rüdesheim back to our cars.

It was so fun, even with the unexpected rain!

The link to the Ring Tour site is here. When we went (Sept 2012) the price was 11€ per adult and 5.50€ for kids 5 and up.


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