Food in Benelux

First of all, did you know that Benelux refers to Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg? I had heard the term before, but only recently found out that it meant those three countries.

Here’s a little rundown of what we ate on our travels:

Day 1:

Lunch in Maastricht – we had to settle for McDonald’s since we couldn’t find another suitable option.
Dinner in Brussels – the hubs stayed with the kids in the apartment while I ventured out looking for food. I brought back some bratwurst for the kids and burgers for the grownups. The Belgian burgers were really interesting, served on sunflower seed rolls with some sort of orange spicy sauce on it.

Day 2

Belgian waffles for breakfast AND for lunch!

For dinner on day 2, we stopped at a little cafe. The kids and I had pizza and the hubs got some sort of Greek gyro wrap or something.

Day 3:

We had brunch at this little cafe in Dinant, overlooking the river.
The kids had more waffles, of course!
I ordered a cheese omelette, which was served with a salad (weird.)
Hubby’s quiche du jour.

For dinner in Luxembourg, we happened across a street fair with lots of rides and games. We all grabbed brats from a German stand.

Ice cream cones!

Day 4:

We had a very uninteresting breakfast in the hotel (which was not worth what we paid for it, but oh well).

Then we headed home, where my awesome friend Kerri brought us pizza for dinner! Thanks Kerri!


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