Trier, Germany

The way it works here with getting gas, is that us lucky Americans get to fill up at special gas stations and get the US rate (a very high US rate, but still less than half what Europeans pay). The Europeans pay over $9 a gallon for gas!! They were probably laughing at us when we complained about $4. Anyways, I bring this up because these special gas stations are only in Germany, so we filled up at the last one before we entered the Netherlands, and made it through Belgium and Luxembourg and back to Germany –just barely, with 20 miles to empty — before we needed to fill up again. Lucky for us, the first town with this gas station just happened to be on my “to see” list anyway: Trier, Germany.

The reason I wanted to see Trier is because it holds one of the oldest still standing Roman fortifications: La Porta Nigra, or “The Black Gate”. Read about it here, it’s really interesting! I can not even describe how humbling it is to stand below something so old. This gate is almost as old as Jesus. Wow.

How Hiccup spent most of the trip!
Displays at a German Department Store
German fashion at its finest: “I’m so cool, I’m going to untuck my shirt from my lederhosen.”
Trier’s main square: we grabbed some soft pretzels and pastries from a bakery before our drive home.
Almost home!
We splurged on a few portable DVD players for the kids — well worth the money!

Finally home! Just in time for my fantastic in-laws to arrive and more traveling on the horizon!


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