Brussels, Belgium

After our very wet tour of Maastricht, Netherlands, we set out for Brussels, Belgium, finding the sun along the way.

We stayed in this fantastic little apartment right downtown (find the listing here). I love staying in apartments, because they have a kitchen and most importantly separate sleeping areas. Putting 6 people in one room and expecting anybody to get a decent night’s sleep is a recipe for disaster.

On the balcony at our apartment.
After the big kids went to bed, Hiccup hung out while Mom and Dad played Rummy in the kitchen.
Plaza of the Martyrs
Brussels was a somewhat dirtier, grimier place than the other cities we’ve visited so far.
The Grande Place – the main square of Brussels.
Belgian waffles! They totally lived up to the hype: hands-down the best waffles I’ve ever eaten!
Bunches was not happy to share!
We just happened to be there during Belgian Beer Weekend — oops, no wonder it was crowded! Neither of us adults drink, though, so we didn’t sample any. (Just a disclaimer, the kids don’t drink either!)
Rows and rows of beer tents
We swung by the famous Carillion Clock at the Mont des Arts.
And of course, you can’t visit Belgium without sampling lots of chocolate! We took a tour of the Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate. Here, the kids are inspecting cocoa beans.
At the end of the tour, we got to watch them show us how to make all different sorts of chocolates — with samples of course!
We let the kids unwind by running around in the Botanical Gardens.
Family photo! Hey, I was just happy to get all six of us in the frame!

Next stop: Dinant, Belgium!


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