Barfuβpfad – The Barefoot Park

Here in Germany, they have these parks called a Barfuβpfad, or a barefoot park. That means exactly what you think it does: you go in, take off your shoes, and explore barefoot.

The one we went to today is in Bad Sobernheim, about an hour drive from where we live, and it’s the first and oldest one in Germany. You can visit their website here, but it’s in German, so you’d better use google translate or just be content with looking at the pretty pictures.

Ready to go!
To get into the park, you go through this fun tunnel under the train tracks — we saw several of those super-fast European trains.
When we got in the park, we all put our shoes in this little cubby by the entrance.
At first they were so confused at the concept of taking off their shoes, especially since it had rained considerably the night before, so it was wet and muddy!
Bunches was upset from the moment I took her shoes off.
Yes, that’s what you think it is. Knee-deep muddy water with squishy mud at the bottom.
It was so squishy!!!
There were all these neat obstacles on which to climb and play.
Bunches started getting hysterical, so Jennifer was SO kind and offered to carry her.
Stomper had no problems wading into unknown waters. Not me!
Jennifer‘s little Parker, meandering along at his own pace.
The kids, off exploring.
Stopping to play in the sand pit.
I don’t know why, but my kids love balance beams!
Somebody was being a little clingy.
Fun bridge!
Stepping across some swingy thingys.
An even more fun bridge!
Taking a boat across the river.

The barefoot park was such a fun and interesting experience!


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