Homeschooling Through Travel – Germany

We did a few of these activities before we moved to Germany, to prepare the kids for the strange new world we were entering. Others we did before specific trips, and some we did just for fun at random times. The daily immersion we get is by far the best “school” we do, like when we take a trip to IKEA and have to read the German signs, or playing with German kids on the playground, or picking out some fresh pastries at the local bakery.

Here is my rundown of activities for Germany:

It has 2 pages for nearly every country in Europe, with a map, and country-specific activities. I found it at the Dollar Tree in the states, but I would have paid ten times that much!
The Germany pages from “Maps to Color and Learn”
German paper doll
Berlin Scavenger Hunt: We haven’t been to Berlin yet, but if we go I’m definitely printing these out for the kids!
German Symbols Word Search
Traditional Dress Coloring Page
Country Fact Sheet – for ANY country!
  • Homeschool Creations has some great Germany lesson plans here and here.

If you know of any activities for me to add to the list, please leave the link in the comments below and I’ll add it!


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