Schwetzingen Palace Gardens

So I saw this AMAZING palace on Pinterest (which inspires 80% of my vacations now, by the way). I looked up the palace and was delighted that it was only an hour away from us! It has been said that this place, Schwetzingen Palace (Schloß Schwetzingen in German) is  the Versailles of Germany, and has the best grounds in the country. It is the only palace garden in Germany that I have visited, so I can’t compare, but I can say it is beautiful!

What you see when you enter!
Stomper next to a map of the ENORMOUS gardens.
Bunches, smelling the flowers. She did a great job not touching them when we told her not to, with the exception of the time she lost her balance and went face-first into a plant.
They LOOOOOOVE fountains.
They call these “tree tunnels” when the trees make a roof overhead.
Beautifully manicured plants!
A snake-shaped fountain.
The view of the palace from inside the gardens — the palace is massive, this is probably only 10% of it.
There were statues out in the lake.
And the swans walked right up to us! (Is that a swan?)
All 6 of us!
A bell tower in the town of Schwetzingen.
A funny German sign.
Bunches, taking her time.
Resting in the shade.
In the car, the kids said “Mom, look, Rapunzel’s tower!!!”

It was a beautiful summer day here in Germany!


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