Burg Eltz

One of my favorite things about living here in Germany is the ability to spontaneously say “Let’s go see a 1,000 year old castle.” This particular castle, Burg Eltz, has been owned by the same family for over 800 years, and is one of the only castles in Germany to be completely untouched by WWI and WWII.

We had to walk down a long, steep hill to get to the castle (about 1/2 mile long, we took the shuttle on the way back up, though it runs both ways).
A kind old German man took a family photo for us!
The castle is on a steep hill (on both sides!) that has a cute little brook snaking around it.
We ate lunch at a little restaurant outside the castle.
And I do mean RIGHT outside the castle, this is the view from our table.
Then we ventured inside.
The castle courtyard
There’s this amazing feeling to stand in a place that has been there for SO long.
Stomper posing by a cute door.
And of course, nobody can take a photo without Bunches having her turn posing for the same one!
A pile of catapult balls visible from up in the castle.
The kids liked this dragon that was hanging off the side of the castle.
What little boy doesn’t love knights?
Auf wiedersehen!

It was a fun, beautiful day! (Let’s not take into account the fact that Hiccup cried for over half of our round-trip 3 hours in the van.)

For more info on Burg Eltz, click here.


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