Freudenstadt and more

On our last day in the Black Forest, we went to Freudenstadt, home of the largest town square in Germany. I had hoped for a warm, sunny day, since there are tons of water play features here, but it was cold (50-ish) and rainy. We let the kids play in the water a bit anyway.

Part of the square
The old abbey, built in one of the corners. It used to be segregated, with one side for men and one for women.
Wide open spaces
A large splash pad where kids can play. Too bad it was too cold, because it looked so fun!
The playground had a huge water play area, with a pump that brought water straight out of the ground, and pipes and all kinds of neat things to play in.

And here are some random photos from the rest of our trip, mostly from on the road:

One of the little villages we passed through
The whole family loves tunnels! Some of them were over a mile long.
A bell tower on a hill
All my favorite guys, decked out in blue (that was coincidental, actually)
For some reason, the kids thought these tiny little glasses were hilarious! They only held about a shot glass worth of water.
It’s a little blurry, but this is one of the “roads” that our GPS took us down. It was an adventure for sure!



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