Triberg and Gutach Falls

On day two of our Black Forest journey, we headed south to Triberg — home of Gutach Falls, the highest waterfall in Germany. I’ve always loved waterfalls, and I’ve never seen a large one, so I was super excited about this destination!

We almost didn’t do it, because EVERY guide book and website that mentioned the falls said that it was about an hour hike with lots of hills, and I didn’t think that our kids could handle that much strenuous walking. However, I was surprised when we walked in the forest to see the falls almost right in front of us. It’s true that walking the entire loop would probably have taken an hour, but the falls would be doable even if you only had 15 minutes. We ended up making it as high as the first bridge over the falls (you can see the wooden bridge near the top of the photo). Even Bunches, age 2, didn’t have any problems with it.

The bottom of the falls — it drops down in several bounces, so you can’t see the whole thing at once.
The sound of the roaring water was amazing!
There was another teeny tiny waterfall that was bouncing down the rocks beside the walking path, so we let all the kids stick their hands in it.
The landscape around the falls was SO pretty.
I love tall trees!
Guess which kid didn’t want to cooperate? Life with 4 kids, there’s always one of those.
After visiting the falls, we strolled around the quaint town of Triberg, grabbed some lunch, then headed back to the house for naps!

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