On our first day of our trip to the Black Forest, we went to the beautiful and luxurious spa town of Baden-Baden. This place just oozed money. It was SO pretty and well-maintained.

The little river running through downtown
Leopoldsplatz – the main plaza in the downtown area
Do all kids love fountains as much as mine do?
Of course, little girls want to stop and smell every flower.
Lunch at a sidewalk cafe: brats and fries.
They really like “German hot dogs”. I like the crunchy bread they’re served in!
Spaghetti ice cream! It’s vanilla ice cream that’s all swirly like spaghetti noodles, with strawberry topping and little shavings of white chocolate on top.
Random teeter-totter in the middle of town, how fun!
We stopped at this playground before getting back on the road to let the kids run off some steam. You should have seen them hopping up on that big silver ball and sliding down the side! It was a riot. None of them ever did make it to the top.

Baden-Baden was gorgeous! Next up: Triberg and Gutach Falls.


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