Vapiano in Wiesbaden

I went out to dinner recently with two of my wonderful new friends here in Germany. We decided to go to this Italian restaurant called Vapiano in downtown Wiesbaden.

My fantastic dining companions.
When you walk in the front door, the people at this desk hand you a little card, similar to a debit card or hotel key. Each adult gets a card. You also grab a little menu (they have them available in several languages).
Once you decide what you want to order, you head to one of these lines. They are labeled at the top “pizza”, “pasta”, etc. When it’s your turn at the counter, you tell the guy what you want, and he cooks it to order right there in front of you. While it’s cooking, he also grabs any drinks or sides if you want them. You hand him your little card and he puts all your purchases onto it.
What I ordered: penne with chicken and spinach and some kind of yummy sauce. It was SO good.
My photos inside didn’t turn out great, but here’s one to give you an idea. Everyone sits at these long tables (they seat 8-10 people). In usual German fashion, you sit next to strangers. We had a table to ourselves for most of our meal, then a German family of four came and joined us toward the end.
There was plentiful seating outside, too.

When you leave, you hand your card back to the person at the desk, they ring you up, and you can leave. It was definitely a different way of doing things, but it was fun and delicious!


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