Wiesbaden Ostermarkt – the Easter Market

My husband is out of town, and I didn’t want to miss the last weekend of Wiesbaden’s Easter Market. So I loaded up the minivan with the three kids, stroller, and my 7-months-pregnant self and headed downtown. The weather is a BEAUTIFUL 70 degrees and sunny — it couldn’t have been more perfect!

The first part of the market that we stumbled into was the farmers market, with row after row of fruits, vegetables, and flowers.
I let the kids try these little donut holes. They said they were delicious, but I didn’t get one, due to a language barrier issue. Oh well, next time!
We stopped in Stomper’s heaven, I mean the Lego store, for a little while. Both of the big kids were just beside themselves.
Nestled in the shelves they had these little windows that you could look in and see things they had built.
Of course, he said “WOW! I want one of THOSE!” at each and every window.
The whole back wall of the store had loose Legos that you could mix and match to fill your own bowl. I won mom of the year for consenting to this.
Posing with the filled bowl.
The kids got to take TWO rides on the carousel!
Even Bunches got to ride this time. Of course she screamed her head off when it was over, but she had fun for that 90 seconds.
Squirrel is my loner – she always wants to sit, play, and do everything alone.
Wiesbaden’s Marktkirche, or “Market Church”. Like most European churches, it’s very ornate and beautiful.
I was able to pop inside without the kids for a moment, and see the interior of the church.
Marktkirche facade
In another part of downtown, the official Ostermarkt, there were vendors selling all sorts of things: home decor, clothing, dishes, etc. Of course, there were plenty of Easter themed goodies as well.
They had a little craft table set up (and it was free!) where kids could choose a few dye colors, which the ladies dropped into a bucket of water. Then the kids could dip their plastic egg on a stick into the water, and the dye clung to the plastic.
Stomper dipping his egg
The finished product: their own multi-colored eggs!
After lunch, we rode the carousel for the second time.
This time, Squirrel wanted to sit in the “spinny thing” in the middle.
Bunches had just as much fun the second ride, but no tantrums this time. It was naptime and we were all ready to go home!

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