Homeschooling Through Travel – Spain

When we went to Spain, we knew that our trip was going to be just in Barcelona, so I wanted to focus our studying on something that Barcelona is famous for — explorers. Many of the famous explorers that left Europe for the New World set sail in the beautiful port city of Barcelona. There’s even a big giant monument to Columbus right by the water:

The Christopher Columbus monument, located at the site where he returned from his first trip to the Americas.

So we learned all about explorers before heading out on this trip.

We read lots of books about explorers, and watched a few movies, like this one:

The Road to El Dorado

We worked lots on practicing our Spanish, using resources like this fantastic book/CD set:

bright, colorful activity pages, and a super fun CD that we listen to in the car

I also print Spanish worksheets from these websites:


Besides learning about explorers and working on our Spanish, we also did a little bit of learning about Spain in general:

It has 2 pages for nearly every country in Europe, with a map, and country-specific activities. I found it at the Dollar Tree in the states, but I would have paid ten times that much!
The Spain pages from “Maps to Color and Learn”
Spain Paper Doll – printable
Country Fact Sheet – for ANY country!

There are several more printable worksheets about Spain on HERE.

Homeschool Creations has some lesson plans about Spain here and here.

If anyone has anything about Spain we can add to the list, comment below with the link and I’ll add it!


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