What we ate in Barcelona

I tried really, really hard to step out of my natural pickiness during this trip and eat some authentic Spanish food. –That’s not an easy thing to do for someone who’s pregnant and has been as sick as me. But, like I said when I wrote about days 1 & 2 of our trip, visiting Spain has been a dream of mine for many years, so I wanted to really try to experience it.

The kids, however, were not as receptive to new things. I suppose that’s not really a surprise given their ages (5, 4, and 1).

Here are photos of our dishes:

As soon as we arrived, we picked up some breakfast. This is what Husband ate. I tried a bit, and I’ll admit I was skeptical, but it was delicious! It was an eggy pie with chicken and potato in it. The bread was spread with fresh tomato.
This is what Husband ate for lunch on day 1. It was a rice dish called Paella mixed with vegetables and seafood.
I ate this: a tiny chicken with fries. I don’t usually like chicken on the bone, or dark meat, but the flavor of this was SO good, I ate every bit!
Stomper and Bunches ate this cheese pizza.
Husband had this lasagna.
I ordered this cheeseburger (it was terrible!)
At McDonald’s we ordered the kids some pancakes. The Spanish have a love affair with chocolate, because it seemed like that was the only option for toppings and syrups at most places. The kids didn’t mind, though!
My sausage-egg-and-cheese biscuit from McD’s. It was REALLY different from what I was used to. The egg was soft in the middle, almost over medium.
We ate several meals during this trip outside (at sidewalk cafes). At this one, we all had hot dogs and fries. Bunches ate all the onions from everyone’s plates!
The bread was ALWAYS delicious!
Husband ordered this seafood dish — and then he had to ask the server how he was supposed to eat it. He said it was very good though!
Stomper’s lasagna
I don’t remember what this was called, but I really liked it! It was almost like an enchilada, tortillas with seasoned beef in the middle, coated in a cheesy sauce.

Overall, I really liked most of the food in Barcelona. The only times I didn’t like what I ordered were when I was trying to be safe and ordered something normal like a cheeseburger!


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