Barcelona, Spain – Days 1 & 2

We recently took a quick trip to Barcelona, Spain. It was supposed to be a much longer trip, as we had tickets booked on the Costa Concordia, but then, well, it kind of sunk. So we ended up using the tail end of our hotel reservations and plane tickets and spent 3 days just in Barcelona.

It’s been a dream of mine to visit Spain for as long as I can remember. I took 6 years of Spanish in middle/ high school. In addition to that, I love architecture and history, so visiting Spain was literally a dream come true. I wrote a bucket list when I was 19 years old and visiting Spain was #1 (out of a current 35, now 7 are checked off).

To be honest, the trip was a bit exhausting. I’m 5 months pregnant with my 4th child, and traveling with the little ones is never easy. However, we made sure to take lots of breaks, and work in lots of kid-friendly stuff as well. It probably didn’t help that we had some LONG days, beginning with getting up at 3am to catch our flight out.

Here are photos from Days 1 and 2 of our trip:

After we landed and took a 75 minute bus ride into the city, we walked a few blocks through the downtown area.

The first thing we saw in the city — The Arco de Triunfo, Barcelona’s Arch of Triumph
Even the little churches were beautiful.

We had tickets for a 2 day hop-on-hop-off bus tour that would take us past all the major sites, so we hopped on that at the nearest stop.

One of Gaudi’s contributions to the city – his work was evident everywhere (This one is Casa Batllo)
The same building at night.
La Sagrada Familia, one of the most famous churches in Spain. Once again, a European monument under construction.
The front facade of La Sagrada Familia
Bunches on the bus
Squirrel on the bus

We hopped off at Park Guell and let the kids play a bit at a playground, then we had lunch.

Park Guell, another of Gaudi’s masterpieces
A view of the city from the top of Park Guell. It was a LOT of steps to get up there!!

Then we headed to our hotel room for a much needed siesta! We did it Spanish-style during this trip, with naps every day. ๐Ÿ™‚

Our teeny tiny itty bitty hotel room. It was cramped!
The little pop-up tent bed for Bunches.

The next morning, we walked a few blocks to the nearest hop-on-hop-off bus stop.

A building near our hotel, it had a pool under it!

With a pit stop at a playground:

We had LOTS of stops at the city’s many playgrounds.
Squirrel at the park: these riding things are her favorite at playgrounds.
Riding the teeter totter – before too long, we’ll be able to fill up all four spots on that thing!

Now THIS is what you picture when you think of Barcelona, right?
He picked up one of these palm leaves, and carried it around all morning pretending it was a sword.

Our first hop off the bus on day 2 was at the beach and a snack break.

We stopped at the beach so we could all stick a hand in the Mediterranean Sea. It was the first time for all 5 of us.
We took a pit stop at a McDonald’s to get a mid-morning snack. For something so familiar, it sure was different!! These easy order kiosks were neat! I have a separate post coming on all the food we ate in Spain, so more on that later.

Then we hopped back on for a long trip through the rest of the city.

There were surprise splashes of color all over the city.
The girls on the bus.
Stomper liked listening to the audio tour.
And yet another of Gaudi’s famous works, this one is called Casa Miro.

After lunch we had naps again, then we went back out into the city to visit the Egyptian Museum. We had recently learned about ย ancient Egypt in History class, so the big kids were extra excited to see real mummies and hieroglyphs. After leaving the museum, we had dinner and snapped this picture outside the restaurant (which was one of the meals I didn’t photograph — it was a lot like a Subway, but with more European french-bread type buns.)

Even Coca Cola got in on all the Gaudi-ness of the city.

Stay tuned for days 3 & 4, and Spanish food!


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