Willingen, Germany

Recently our family went on a marriage retreat, which is a little mini-vacation paid for by my husband’s work. They covered the hotel and all our meals, and in return we had to go to a few classes (which were fun, really!). They even had free childcare for the kids. We haven’t traveled much within Germany, so I was excited about the opportunity to see some German countryside.

Our hotel
The living room area of our hotel room had 3 twin beds for kids to sleep on (even though Bunches slept in a portable crib). It also had a table and chairs, which turned out to be helpful because we had a card night with some friends of ours.
There was a separate bedroom area in the hotel room. So, you might not know this, but a lot of European places just push 2 twin size beds together instead of giving you a queen or king. That makes it so there’s this crack down the middle, which I like to call “The line of demarcation”. Every time I started to cross it in the middle of the night, I woke abruptly, like it was alarmed or something. It’s probably the first time in the history of our marriage that my husband had sufficient room to sleep while sharing a bed with me.

The town we went to is called Willingen. It’s a cute little ski town, though it’s north of here and not in the Alps, like you might think. From our hotel room, we could see the ski slopes and watch the skiers gliding down (and occasionally falling).

One of the slopes (out of 4) we could see from our room.
Another slope from our window.
The view of the town from our hotel room.
I took the kids outside for a bit to play in the snow. They were SO excited!! It was the first time they got to play in it this year.
While the kids were resting, I took off on my own to do a bit of sight-seeing. I passed through a pretty little park and saw this.
A few German houses overlooking the park.
Downtown, there was a giant Advent calendar. This thing was as tall as a house! Someone told me that each night, the townsfolk get together and open the day’s door.
Downtown Willingen, and a pretty bridge where trains come into the town.
All over town they sell cigarettes in these vending machines. Germans smoke a LOT.
Our hotel had a bowling alley downstairs (which was free!), so we took the kids down to check it out. They had 2 American lanes, but they had several lanes that had German bowling, like this. The lane is really narrow, then it widens at the end. The balls are considerably smaller, as well. They have no holes, so we just rolled them underhand. Stomper was really good at this!
Squirrel had fun playing, too, though she got a lot more gutter balls.
Bunches got frustrated after a while because she wanted to run amuck up and down the lanes. Luckily we were the only people in there, so nobody else had to witness her tantrum.
She’s a Daddy’s girl, so he came over and turned that frown upside down.
One of the German meals we ate: pork, potatoes, snow peas, and bread.
Bunches gobbling up some mousse. The dessert bar at the German restaurant where we had our meals always had ten different flavors of mousse. We had to double check them, because several had alcohol in them, like bourbon or rum.
They liked the mousse too, of course!
The hotel also had this neat indoor waterpark. I only got this one picture, because I was busy making sure my kids didn’t drown. This is the part of the pool that goes outside. No, really, OUTSIDE. There were people that would get out of the pool, have a snowball fight, then jump back in. That’s NUTS! Most of the pool was inside. They had several slides, a few hot tubs, and a kids play area. We all had a lot of fun here!
We saw this sign on the drive up there, and neither one of us had any idea what it meant. My husband said “Unfall? Do they mean, get back up?”

It was a fun weekend away, but like all trips, I’m glad to be home!


2 thoughts on “Willingen, Germany

  1. What is the name of this hotel? (You had shared this blog post on a FB Travel group and while I saved the link I don’t know if you had shared the name. Danke!)

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