Wiesbaden Christmas Market

Here in Germany, they do something called Christmas Markets. Several blocks of the downtown area are lined with rides, food, and booths selling all kinds of fun things. Being the Christmas addict that I am, I decided that I wanted to spend the evening on my birthday at the Christmas market.

The ferris wheel was SO pretty all lit up! It helped us remember where we parked, because we parked on the roof of the building in the corner, so the first thing we saw when we got out of the van was the ferris wheel.

The Germans sure do know how to decorate!
They had SO much fun riding this little kid ride!
He insisted on riding the police motorcycle.
They had a stage set up with entertainers. When we were passing by, someone was singing a beautiful rendition of Ave Maria.
Squirrel saw this on a building and said “LOOK! A golden reindeer!”
The kids had “German hot dogs”, meaning bratwurst on that delicious crunchy German bread. They gobbled it up! I also got them an order of mozzarella sticks, which was served with a raspberry sauce. I thought the kids would hate the sauce, but they dipped every bite. Just goes to show they’re better at trying new things than I am!

It was a fun experience, and the perfect ending to a fantastic birthday!


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