The Cuisine in England, Scotland, & Ireland

I completely forgot to post photos of the food we ate on our trip. Most of the time, I even forgot to take the photos, but I did manage to remember a few times.

Overall, the food was somewhere on the scale between edible and horrible. I tried, oh I tried, to eat the local food, but it was gross! After a few meals, I gave up. For the second half of the trip, the kids and I subsisted on cheese pizza (the only thing that we could count on to be somewhat normal).

Here are some of the things we ate:

The kids meals almost always came with peas.
This was the worst burger I’ve ever had! I swear it tasted like a liver burger.
The hubs ordered this bacon and mayonnaise sandwich.
I ordered this flatbread sandwich that had ham and cheese in it. I eventually had to pull the ham out and just eat the bread/cheese. The ham was SUPER salty and chewy.
The hubs ordered this Haggis pie, a traditional dish in Scotland. He loved it. I tried a bite, too, and it was okay. I didn’t find out until later that Haggis is all the innards and leftover bits ground up. Ick.
Our Irish breakfast: This might have been the best breakfast I’ve ever eaten. Or maybe I was just so hungry from weeks of bad food. I could have eaten this brown bread all day!
The kids LOVED dropping fresh berries into their yogurt!
This Irish breakfast wasn’t as good as the first, but good enough. The bacon over there isn’t very yummy, and they cook their eggs funny, but it was okay.

Overall, not my favorite place for food. Breakfast was the only part of the day that was consistently good. Although, they always served baked beans with their breakfasts. I mean ALWAYS. It was weird, because I had only ever seen baked beans in the US at a barbecue or a potluck, and certainly never with breakfast.

We have no upcoming trips planned, so you probably won’t hear from me for a while!


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