Our trip to England, Scotland, & Ireland (part 3 of 4): SCOTLAND

After we left the English countryside, we headed North to Scotland. Of all the places we visited, Scotland had the nicest, friendliest people. They wouldn’t just help you if asked, they would stop you to ask if you needed help. And then they’d escort you 3 blocks to where you needed to go!

We spent a lot of time on trains during our trip. The kids had these little notebooks in which we would draw mazes or pictures for them to color.
Listening to some tunes.
The kids had fun playing with this little Scottish boy on the train.
Checking out the views of the Scottish Highlands from the train.
We stayed a night in Inverness, Scotland. It was an incredibly friendly city!
We took a cruise of Loch Ness in this little boat.
The beautiful and mysterious Loch Ness.
Looking for the monster.
The cruise first took us to the remains of Urquhart Castle on Loch Ness.
Stomper was really excited to see a REAL trebuchet, since we had learned about it in school.
We also stopped at The Loch Ness Centre, where they had all these exhibits talking about how the myth started and all the research that’s been done.
No wonder nobody can find the Loch Ness Monster — Bunches ate it!
Our next stop was Edinburgh, Scotland.

Stomper ran up to this sculpture and said, “Look Mom! A statue of my brain!”

We went to a museum in Edinburgh called Camera Obscura, full of all different kinds of tricks and illusions. It was lots of fun!
He had a lot of fun playing with this one.
Squirrel had a growth spurt… or maybe we shrunk Stomper, you decide.
Squirrel ran out of the bathroom and excitedly told Daddy, “I peed in an alligator’s mouth!”
Of course, you can’t visit Great Britian and not get meat pies. They were actually really tasty! The hubs got haggis, a Scottish traditional meat. I got ham and cheese, and the kids got pizza ones. It was actually funny, some other Americans came into the shop “Piemaker” while we were eating, and they said “They don’t have real pies here! Not a single one of them is a dessert pie!!”

After our day in Edinburgh, we hopped on a short 30 minute flight to Ireland. The next (and last of this trip) post will be about our time there.


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