Our trip to England, Scotland, & Ireland (part 2 of 4): ENGLAND

After we left london, we spent time in 2 other places in England: the city of York, and the small quiet coastal village Alnmouth. Both of them were wonderful, and very different.

Downtown York: I LOVED this city! The entire downtown area was pedestrian-only.

The original wall around the city is still there! I love that they didn’t tear it down, but built around it instead.
The Vikings were the first to settle this area, and we visited a Viking museum (with an amusement park-type ride through a replica village). We even got to watch them make this coin!
We visited a Gladiator museum, with a hands-on kids area.
They had a blast here!
We stayed a night in this perfect little village named Alnmouth.
We were greeted with a rainbow!
The English coastline
Beautiful beaches!
Up the road from Alnmouth, we visited Alnwick Castle. It was amazing!
Several scenes from the Harry Potter movies were filmed here, and the castle had “Broomstick Flying” lessons for fans.
I’m so glad we visited here!
We visited the gardens at Alnwick Castle, they were spectacular!
The gardens also had a maze! We didn’t find any portkeys in this one, though.
Squirrel loved the pretty flowers.
There were dozens of different fountains in the gardens.
They had these little riding tractors for the kids.
There were surprises around every corner!

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