The Nerobergbahn

Wiesbaden has a “mountain” (more of a large hill) with a little train car that goes up and down it called the Nerobergbahn. (I’m pretty sure the “bahn” part means train.) We took the kids up there on Labor Day, since the weather was nice and it wasn’t crowded, as it’s not a holiday for the Germans.

The train, getting ready to go.
There were 4 compartments like this, or people could stand outside on either end of the car.
Standing at the bottom of the hill looking up
The view down on our way up.

When we got to the top of the mountain, there was a lookout point with beautiful panoramic views of the city.
The kids sat on the wall and looked at Wiesbaden below.
She loves riding on Daddy’s shoulders!
Sitting on one of the giant stones
They have concerts here in the summer.

There was an amphitheater at the top as well.
The kids had a blast climbing around in the amphitheater.
They turned an old watchtower into a restaurant at the top of the hill.

It was a fun afternoon, and a fun experience for the kids. Not bad for €6.60 for all of us, or about $9.25.

Read more about the Nerobergbahn here.

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