Downtown Wiesbaden

When we were heading down to Scotch N Soda (read about it here), we had to get there by meandering through the beautiful cobblestone pedestrian-only streets of downtown Wiesbaden.

There was a very crowded parking garage a few blocks away, so we parked there. Parallel parking in our minivan just wasn’t an option. The parking garage was a learning experience. The way it works is: you drive in, grab a ticket, the bar goes up, then you find a spot. You take your ticket with you, and when you return to the parking garage later, you put your ticket into an ATM type machine, and it tells you how much you owe for the time you were there. You put your coins into the machine, it validates your ticket and returns it to you. Then you go get in your vehicle, and use the now-validated ticket to raise the bar when you leave.

Anyway, downtown Wiesbaden:

It was SO pretty. I love the streets, the buildings, everything! It all looks like the set of an old movie.

Marktstrasse – yes, I think that word is missing some vowels, too.

The plaza – this is where they have markets on Saturdays.
Marktkirche, or “Market Church”
The church from the back side.
A nice fruit vendor gave the kids balloons!

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