Breakfast at a Bar

We went downtown in Wiesbaden and had brunch at a fun little Scottish pub called Scotch N Soda.

It was nestled at the end of one of these adorable cobblestone streets.

We arrived at 11, when they opened, and we were given a table right in the front of the restaurant. In fact, the wall next to our table opened, so we could step out of our seats right outside if we wanted. This place had menus in English, so we thought it would be a good jumping off point to German restaurants. I can tell you, it is SO much easier to eat out when you can read the menu!

First we ordered drinks — apple juice for the kids, hot tea for the hubs, and water for me.

The tea came with a cookie!
Water came in a glass bottle with a stemmed glass.

Then we ordered our breakfasts.

We got a cheese plate for the whole table to share:

That cherry jam was the best jam I’ve ever had! I bought some the next day at the grocery store.

The hubs ordered the English Breakfast:

He would have really enjoyed it, too, if he hadn’t had to share most of it with the kids.

I ordered the Farmer’s breakfast: potatoes, bacon, tomatoes, and onion, all coated in scrambled eggs.

Even though I don’t like tomatoes or onions, I ate every bite. It was delicious!

For Stomper and Squirrel, we got them each a dish of Muesli, which is yogurt on the bottom, then granola, topped with fresh fruit.

They picked out some pieces of banana and apple, but didn’t eat much of the rest.

And Bunches just kind of grazed from everybody else’s plates. Her favorite part, of course, was the cheese.

Overall, it was a fun experience. The owner of the restaurant was wonderful and friendly. We liked the atmosphere and the location. The food was delicious!

To see the website for the restaurant, visit Don’t worry, it’s in English too!


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