How this works for us

I have to say, the many money-saving strategies that work for my family won’t work for everyone. I know many people (married couples, mostly) that just can NOT save a penny, because one or both of the people in the relationship has the wrong attitude about finances. I am very blessed that my husband is my biggest supporter. In fact, he was the one who converted ME to a frugal lifestyle. When we first met, I went through money like it was water. I didn’t save anything, not a penny. I didn’t even have a clue how much was in my bank account. I had credit card debt and I used the credit card all the time, telling myself that “the interest paid for itself because of the rewards I got”. Ha! I even ate out 2-3 times a day! Then, I met my husband. He was 3 years older but probably a decade more mature than me. He taught me all about saving and budgeting and expenses. Of course, I took that information and ran with it! I wanted to know everything I could about saving money, and I spent countless hours on the internet and at the library and picking the brains of my older, financially stable friends.

Now, everything is right on track. My husband doesn’t feel restrained when I give him his $20 cash to last 2 weeks. He knows he can spend more if he wants to. He does have a debit card, just like me, after all. The point is that he doesn’t want to. He calls me when he needs or wants to buy something, not because he has to, but because he knows it’s what keeps us on track. I am never surprised to see transactions on our bank statement, and I think that is a problem that a lot of couples have.

I’m not a counselor, by any means, I just wanted to say why this might not work for everybody. I needed to explain that this budget works for us because we are both 100% committed to it.


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